Need the Character (s)

by Jackal Trades

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We are all encouraged to wear masks and forced to play roles in our everyday life. We need the character to fight through the daily grind and see through all the bullshit. We need the characters to make sense of what is going around us. We can find inspiration in the good ones and warning signals in the bad so it is with immense gratitude , I have been blessed to have been surrounded by so many true characters in the making this album.
Special thanks has to go to Gordy Duncan JR for working with me on the very first/ early/ shite Jackal Trades demos and Soundthief for putting in his insane work rate and bringing the album to completion . Without their encouragement and skills this definitely would not be possible.
We are all encouraged to wear masks and forced to play roles in our everyday life. We need the character to fight through the daily grind and see through all the bullshit. We need the characters to make sense of what is going around us. We can find inspiration in the good ones and warning signals in the bad so it is with immense gratitude , I have been blessed to have been surrounded by so many true characters in the making this album.
Shout outs also to Dr. Jaslan and Windebank for having the faith in me to turn this into a live show. I would also like to thank anyone who has supported this project , came to a gig or shared any of this online.

I would finally also like to thank these characters and if I've missed you it's because I've ran out of space and/or memory.
Thank you Jo D'arc, Barry Neeson , Mark McClymont, Ciaran Mac, Tickle, Andy Martin, Calum Cummins, Tom S Ray Mastering, Ella Maby, Scatabrainz, Robbie Gunn, Sonny Fascia, Mackenzie, Mistah Bohze, David Montgomery, Tosh O' Hara, Colin Boyd, 1000 Fans, Josh, Loki, Gasp, Dave Hook . MOG and all the Hip Hop heads, musicians and real fans of proper art who have inspired me so much over the years. Thanks Mum, Dad, Graham, John, Kelly and all my friends and family . You need the characters and these are just some off the good ones that are out there.


released November 5, 2016

All lyrics written by Mark McG
Self- Released by Traffic Cone Records
Featuring Production by Yoko Pwno, Soundthief, DJ Sonny, Gordy Duncan JR, Scatabrainz, Mackenzie, Andy Martin, Mistah Bohze, Sun Dogs, David Montgomery
Mastered by Tom S Ray Mastering at


all rights reserved



Jackal Trades Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: The Hills Have No Eyes (Produced by Yoko Pwno)
they're trying to take my voice from me
they're changing the frequency
they change it up so frequently
subtle psychos secretly
clearly take what they want from me
destroying me trying to poison me
make me ex communicate
messing with ma trajectory
a voiceless visionary
is a lighthouse with no battery
or electricity , no light , no nothing
nothing built purposely
I cant ring the alarm with any urgency
I`m in purgatory
a botched burglary
in the midst of
a belligerent insurgency
please don`t make me go back to surgery

The biggest day of your life was planned for tomorrow
unbeknown to you they moved this biggest day forward

come with me lets find an other way
come with me and find the others mate
come with me and find an another way
Im done with this monotonous monopoly

there must be something otherly
where the lovely duznay turn ugly
they're trying to take my sleep from me
subtle psychos secretly
creep in the scenery to leer at me
sneaky peaking from the greenery
and punish me for my honesty
their lurking in the forestry
I see there machinery recording me
eyes are shiftily avoiding me
they're trying to rewrite my eulogy
Ill be Fifty years dead before i get any apology

it`s doubly deceptive! depressive! aggressive!
home is where the heart was regrettably left it
shot the craw once it fled what it nested
life gets too wicked to get properly rested
invested interests untested consequence
unchartered waters convenience or coincidence
stream of conscious is not where the net worth nestles
uninvited vetted experts with inverted commas wrestle
delegates celebrate narrow debate
death of conversation is a place where a wake
manifests an escape where theres patsies at steak
keep one eye on the road and the another on the break
a spate of hate rotates around this jaded place in spades
and a flag in the wrong hand may as well be ten grenades
Complacency `s complicit but complexities the noun
heart races for the last time with unusual sounds
in the background
imaginary walks in the hills with none around
not a witness on the farm not a soul on the ground
factors at play tomorrow never came around
dark actors playing games no foul play found
Track Name: Triangular Trades (Produced by Soundthief)
essentially we mentally construct an endless melody
a mayday ! medley! meddling plays like emily
see emily play like a hey day memory
the sixties were well hazy now they sell self help to medicate
pre- historically predict predators and mediators
lines drawn around acres on various equators
they frowned upon debaters and they rounded up the haters
and anyone opposed would be slandered off as traitors
some got sold off to slave-ships where they had to make shit
taking hits, without a hint, of a future payslip
and peasants brainwashed into prejudice propaganda hatred
before ` they took our jobs` was a basic racist statement
competing with free labour is improbable and face it
we `ve all been replaced with the complicated automated
for the uninitiated machinery`s their favourite
we destroy a new science every-time we innovate it
the odds are slim of you finding the fun-ding
the prospects grim unless your hiding the war king
technology's a braw thing if your holding the string
or they bring you out to pastures as the fat lady sings
coz when your truths are useless and they find it non conducive
they footer with the root of it then the ruthless get intrusive
they don't want to lose it and your rocking the boat
you have freedom of speech if your talking it low
cognitive flow ,blow hot or cold , the taps off
droughts in the age of information we pass laws
like cast offs from the iron age
no blast offs in this rocket race
i can hear plato's allegory rolling round Socratic caves
Maggie Thatcher raves got em rolling in their graves
britannia waived the rules so britannia ruled the waves
places like merchant city's paved with the handy work of slaves
from the Jamaica plantation to the triangular trades

They took our jobs ! who did ? The Robots?
we are a slave to technology that makes us worse off
robots are robust workers that don`t take much days off
big shots hit the jackpot and the purge has mugged us off
They took our jobs! who did ? The Robots?
exhausted lie`s about utopia that cant be untaught
promised dishwashers before they stole our critical thought
computers get better job offers the proles are left to rot

Aye Scotland`s hands are red from the blood money cost
but we ignored those thoughts and threw the saltire in the wash
the sins of our forefathers not quite forgot
like a guilty dirty dish in a sink under cloth
it`s bonkers the way our freedoms taken off us
and talked down to like a biscuit tin from the cookie monsters
imposters moonlighting as sun flowers with awkward offers
kept in order and grateful that you get to keep the coppers
the top is rotten to the core but stock-home syndromes got us
always wondering that something worse must be round them corners
resentment though Fosters like a warm can in the waters
storm damage in your jotters
the calm before the slaughters
it might not always be `not us`
home or away we need good neighbours for our sons and our daughters
authentic authors became awkward bloggers
now austerity has got us and the robots took our jobs as
we blamed the immigrants who had already lost us
as we took a liberty, a land grab and a resource
then cut the chord said no visitors and slammed the fucking door
we want our passports to take us anywhere we want
Cause we think we re a lot better coz its what we've been taught
MLK showed peace can complete many complicated feats
Rosa Parks sat down and put her feet up on the seats
Yet history repeats and history repeats
For every fleeting victory a million more defeats
We re getting sick to the teeth
of being kicked in the teeth
but freedom is slavery and war is peace
It's echo chamber double speak
But who am I to preach ?
Just another slavering poet using his slavery of speech
Track Name: Jack the Lad feat. Ciaran Mac, Tickle and Jo D`arc (Produced by DJ Sonny)
so they threw daft jack to the back of the class/
And he didnt understand why the lassies all laughed/
rumour was his dad crashed the mazda mad smashed man/
Tutor blamed the jack-dan he had in his flask./
Jack never had a chance, there was little that he grasped/
Something never added up, he was shit at doin maths/
and the fact jacks folks never did have any cash/
Since his dad lost his job when he hadnt done jack /,
Jacks dad frank drank coz he frankly had cracked-up/
Bankrupt, sacked, sad-act that would act up/
Mad that he'd failed his own family after,
A rapid relapse on the vallies and lagar./
All set for collapse looked at jack as his last port of call, as he asked for the port from the stash.
Pour a glass
when your down slaps come pretty fast,
something happened to Jack when he saw his dad last
(Teacher : Ewan Tickle Mcnicholl)
that jack's in my class and he's a grade a prat
lacks a grasp of maths to even scrape a pass
say he wants to be a rapper but just plays the twat
aye that lads an ad to bring the strap days back
caught him at the school disco badly drunk
when his father picked him up like dad like son
since im a man of principle, why i can't judge him
but my educated guess: he`s tanning valium and
aye his eyes were red, he looked dirty and unshaven
coulda laid into the pair of them the way they were behaving
just made a mental note for what was certain later
a predictable witness in a social work statement
that kind of act's probably what cost him his job
as they exit stage left he shouts 'ya cock fuck off'
guys a mess i suggest: it's his son his loss
no pity for a cast that's just lost the plot
(Chorus: Jo D'arc)
cast a spell the castaway cast away
but the cast in this story won't give him Jack today
they cast down blanked him and walked away
when things are going lovely they follow the honey
all your friends will gather round
when the shit goes down they will not be found
it can take a cast of millions to find a support role
everyone's at the stage where their a star of their own show
(The Father: Mark Mywords McG )
I'm Jack's Dad and Jack's my lad
don`t be mad my Jack ain't all that bad
am glad I gave him the pad that I never had
but it`s sad he transformed to a wee spoiled brat
I worked hard and made that cash
but it was a fad what we had and the market collapsed
now I know that my graft was a waste and a shaft
so when I have a lager it comes attached with a half
when I think back it breaks my heart
I was conned like a sap right from the very start
I followed the rules and made an honest wage
paid my taxes paved my way
to find myself redundant one day
and every vacancy and opportunity had ran away
inefficient politician acting magnificent
Implement cuts then pass the buck to immigrants
I can`t sleep I can`t switch off
I toss and turn and curse that boss
then get a call from the school met a stuck up toff
He called my lad bad i told him to fuck off
i guess I must`ve lost control
But i'de sold my home and joined the dole
heat or eat I just don't know a hungry drunk and winters cold
that night when me and jack got back to the flat
jack poured me a port coz his cider was crap .
and that`s all i remember that and only that
until I woke up to a police chap rat a tat tat
an officer barged in and demanded a chat
it emerged while I slept my car got crashed
without a sign of break in or windows smashed
my better half asked if I thought it was Jack
I said it was me and I told the police that
as they they cuffed and marched from my habitat
waved to the window where jack was sat
he acted confused and never waved back
fade to black apparently nasty accident
manslaughter charge teacher died in an ambulance
so now the jail`s cast stars that jack lad`s dad
Track Name: Miley Syria (Produced by Gordy Duncan JR)
Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyprus
Miley Syria , Military violence
Milling about as millions are silenced
minuscule coverage after mini short highlights
mibbay Syria must hide behind sillier
non-stories that don`t come much clickier
than Hannah Montana twerking on that sleazy prick
Robin the Thicke`s grey area
blurred ,news, head, lines bad news burier
before you google analytics take a look in the mirror
world war imminent we won`t address this
does the national service bill not make you feel nervous?
are you capable of feeling at all anymore?
or are you more inclined to rewind awards shows?
addressing the dress sense of a corporate whore ?
and ignore the logistics of a chemical war?
the legitimacy of it and what it`s all for
do you remember that time we were lied to before?
whether you believe it`s all planned or they made a mistake
people pay with their lives and that`s what`s really at stake
before we arrive with our superman cape
what`s real and whats faked and how much money will they make?
who gets the tax break and whose on the take?
For clarity`s sake we must have this debate
it`s Assad fact our track record is deplorable
historically and anecdotally we re not sociable
coming soon to your town it`s workfare warfare
who the fuck will care when your stuck over there?
screaming `My God! ` as you die on your todd
With Miley Cyrus , Robin Thicke looping on your I Pod

I read the news today oh boy
about a lucky man who made the grade
although the news was rather sad
(it's Assad fact)
I just had to laugh

Red case, Red face, Bass neck , Smell plaice
Nut case , Crack nut, Back door , Slam shut
Tote up , Cross out, Buzz word played out
Gideon grinning and spinning nay doubt
action excused question refused
man`s shopping list on Six O clock news
theory debunked back door slam shut
fact avoidance (what a bargain hunt!)
`For Sale` picket on downing street lawn
foreclosed forewarned for so long forlorn
face long like burger taken from supermarket chain
delay investigating like an Ayrshire train
flogging dead horses when you should be beefing cows
arouse suspicion in the pantomine gowns (Findus)
renowned nouns drown out new found sounds
Wonga Mafia running these towns

armed with darwin sarcasm, Damn it`s scarring can`t fathom
an understanding of the planet to a man like Bradley Manning
calming is as Cameron banning the internet and harming
the sick, the poor, the vulnerable, the old, the cold , the starving
we should be on the street protesting and demanding
but they kettle, blacken our name, pot luck barring, it`s alarming
plucking chickens out of thin air
GM farming , fuckin` charming
they peddle meds for profit to meddle moods that am in
scamming data collector crime predictor spreadsheet
drop out on a losing streak a deadbeat
a pan faced cheek a saucery lobotomy
frying heartbeats with a deep fried leak
apocalyptic visions too far bleak for Orwell
But the Bank of Google will ultimately sell well
A Cypriot bank card is fun in a recession
Facebook says `You May Have Fucked This Person`
you live or you`ve learn
well spend what you`ve earned
key in 1-9-8-4 , click `like` , resend
Track Name: Marilyn Monroe Logic feat. Ella Maby (Produced by Gordy Duncan JR)
if you can`t handle me at my worst you don`t deserve me at my best
I read a quote on the internet that Marilyn Monroe maybe once said

I'm on that Marilyn Munro Logic on it till I'm off it
but only if it suits or I shoot off topic
I so sell fish they insist I carry fishing permit
I don`t wish for world peace I only wish for my earnings
and self-preserving other things I want but say I need
my life changed one day forever checking out my Facebook feed
when i was vicious and dickish i would feel sickish
now I smash all the dishes without any consequences
stuff used to bother me like destroying others property,
but with Marilyn`s philosophy, whatever lolz honestly
Monroe foreign policy and how it all works
if you don't like drone strikes you wont get Starbucks

Im on them Marilyn Munro quotables, anti-social mindset
take no responsibility I wreck it like a train set
did i have fun? you bet! that`s all that matters
enjoy my own patter as another partner scatters
don`t like me setting fires you sure as hell
don't deserve me not setting fires as well
don't like me being violent, why should I be peaceful?
don`t like me arguing, why should i be reasonable?
I have really bad days ,all the time, where i turn evil
no need to cast it up im just one of these people
don`t complain I swiftly kicked you in the bawz
you con't understond ma awesomeness you focus on the flaws
I don`t rack up guilt, I use that bit , as a sun roof
can`t handle my lies why would you deserve truth?
put all your bad vibes to one side or some good use
if you don`t like it then you don`t have to look

Haters gonna hate but they don't have to look
do what you do just be you
Track Name: Century of Self (Produced by Scatabrainz)
bungs bails bribes out out comes the knives
rustle up a patsy for a public sacrifice
burn the witch at the steak great family day out
pray to a housing price to help you out
your now devout until the claws come out
there`s a buy out clause so shut your mouth
snake on a patio seeking a decent looking fruit-bowl
thread the deceitful needle through the lethal legal loophole
interest rates are interestingly rarely rated fairly
punched in the jaw squarely vultures circling daily
everyone holds a bank account
but no-one ever holds a bank to account
pitchforks at the ready snap judgements on the steady rise
we severed ties several times with them ethereal lies
I`m honest to a default scores out my credit rating
an its a score i never settle if the cashier keeps me waiting
its hard work not working consistently as this
it`s a job in itself you need dedication kid
secret handshakes in eerily hushed rooms
pit in a petition to give military mushrooms
and get the chancellor off the ching
surely that cant be a bad thing if your counting on him counting
then your currently napping
coz that is not happening, just imagine the mad yin ?
panicking about rigged markets they had hands in collapsing
words change meaning with speed,
take heid, double speaking with stealth
a do gooder is an insult in the century of self
and this is not satire anymore
Track Name: Charlie Brooker Sketch (Produced by Mackenzie)
the look of shock that I rock as I pass by
In the Thick of it in South Park staring out a Brass Eye
people will kill for celebrity status
whens George Zimmerman boxing DMX in vegas?
well whats the latest exaggerated trend for rich and famous?
nanny raises family while parents raise self awareness
shameless self congratulating pagans
adopting right wing views the way madonna buys african weans
with a pat on the back and a launch of a fragrance
brought to you by Gucci and the United Nations
the private sector owns all the public relations
in Layman's terms ... the brothers wasted all your savings
erasing economic allegations like when Californians
vote and elect Terminators to become all of their mayors
Comic Relief bought shares in bombing of equators
Pudsey the Bear became a blatant arms trader

glossed over by the media
coz Jim fixed it as the greedy grew seedier
their all in it together
M.Ps and CEO's playing Golf with the editor

when the experts in charge of health all lobby cigarettes
it`s hard when your living in a Charlie Brooker sketch
when the google glass extends to your contact lens
it`s hard when your living in a Charlie Brooker sketch

whats the difference between terrorists and freedom fighters?
Daily Mash and Daily Mail all share the same writers
divide and conquer feed the carcass to the lions
crept in with a bias till you recognise compliance
corporate violence quells social defiance
make the private debt public then privatise the science
reliance on a GPS daft for the smart phone
redefining thought crime privacy long gone
mass debating a dress worn by that Rhianna
as they practically ban Panama chat on Panorama
friends used to fight your corner now come with inverted commas
working on a ton of automated Instagram personas
when they allege the man in charge fucked a dead pig head
and no-one got surprised or if they did they never said
just a few mumbled smirks chucked from a back bench
its hard when your living in a Charlie Brooker sketch
Track Name: Rabbie Burns Benefits (Produced by Soundthief)
Bard from the graveyard they wont let him back in,
he`s a zombie womaniser and he`s guilty as sin
want an auld scots poem? just ask him
want a sensitive soul? just add gin
he`s struggling to comprehend Twenty Fourteen
not that that would stop his notorious courting
to get a fling you need the fame and poetry's obsolete
so he signed up to a show called Benefits Street
he recites more scripts than Meryl Streep
and chooses eccy over leccy cause the price too steep
cameras always on him one way or another
big brother is watching him watching big brother
a poignant moment so succinct and apt and cunning
he verbally slapped the cunts currently running
his country being sold out to Amazon and Google
but they cut away to him munching a Pot Noodle

They reincarnated Rabbie Burns last night
with a shovel , a hip flask and a flashlight
no-one cares what Rabbie thinks about taxing the elite
they only care what Rabbie 'burns` on Benefits Street

The Bard is a joke now the viewers are laughing at
attacked by paparazzi in his own home habitat
minds too small for concepts they need the characters
you wont get funding for an idea you less fit the narrative
we need two dimensional wee shites
with three stripes , take great dee light whenever he fights
smokes Barlinnie roll ups to suppress his appetite
foods rarely on the menu cause moneys too tight
watches colour TV cause nothings ever black 'n' white
as he prays for a cracking ride before he`s back inside
those losing get a doing as the going gets good
poverty porn Hustlers Razzle with the nedtube
get lube as the anally attentive get inventive
and find new ways to fuck you with financial incentive
Rabbie painted a picture bout it and became quite inventive
but it started with a spliff
where the episode ended

Rabbie's so famous now his name is muddied by broadsheets
Clarkson and Littlejohn belittle his broad speech
his regional accent is mocked in Mock the Week
George Osbourne uses him as an election plea
from the street young team to the club drug scene
thinks Rabbie Burns is just another Marvin from The Scheme
Marvel super T : the anti-hero
ignorant like roman numeral`s concept of zero
buy high , sell low , `Hi ! I`m here to fix the deficit`
deliver deliberate deception to the desperate
in a desolate square mile renaming whole towns
dressing the haggis with decaying pass -me - downs
they are playing the system by refusing to die
we built this city on ratings and a lie
squeezed middle ignore what Eric Pickles biscuits cost
and blame the fictional devil , the fiddler of the north

On benefits and proud of the hunger and the struggle,
the 8% price hike and the keep warm huddle,
On benefits and proud of the pre pay meter beeping
The cheap and nasty noodles , Bad eating, lack of heating
Proud of inflation holding my family to ransom
Proud of being sick, hated, jaded and sanctioned
On benefits and proud of the overcrowded tenements,
Suicide attempt rent debt letter sentiments
On benefits and proud of the MP`s expenses
The queen gets a wage rise to buy higher fences,
Proud of where I live becoming such a dive
On benefits and proud of never watching Channel Five
Track Name: I Am The Fear and I Wrote You a Letter (Produced by Andy Martin)
is the disc skipping or am I just tripping?
it's like smoking in the gym it is not quite fitting
slipped in to expensive and excessive drinking
I get all my hangovers especially shipped in
news just in! it`s your brain speaking
it`s pay back time for your wonderful weekend
that company your keeping that poison you leak in
the sober door is creaking watch reality creep in
that thudding noise may be your head or your heart
time to master the art of a panic attack
there`s an actual fear here you must now re-enact
those days you got the knock back , those times you got the sack
recollect the absurd things you said word for word
horrific past vivid , happiness vague and blurred
think of that `I love you` that you once slurred
you could hear a pin drop when you got ignored
you could hear the heart break from a hundred yards away
last night i seen you breakdance but naw not today
I seen you shuffle on the subway with a cold mince pie
reeking of tobacco with defeat in your eye
avoiding people that you know 'cause they ask how you are
delusion of self can only take you thus far
there was a glint in your eye mere seconds later
you got a confidence boost from an anonymous stranger
did you smile back ? nay danger!
what does that make ye? forget ye hud a bird? that makes you a traitor
in a pickle out of luck in store detection
fickle outgoing fuck with an inward inflection
out of battery , hen, in the red reception
being late paying yer rents the only way they pay attention
you don`t warrant a mention your constantly withdrawn
like a crackhead's curtain at the crack of dawn
oh its on fuckhead you had better believe it
how dare you have the cheek to even speak of a mistreatment
you made your bed now and you might as well have shat in it
the knives are out now and the claws are sharpening
the days are darkening you dehydrated mannequin
that bad review was accurate you had better pack it in
you had better sort it out and get yourself together
and get the heid doon coz up ahead is stormy weather
I am the fear and I wrote you a letter
like a broken vow from the Daily Record
I'm Nick Clegg's face saying your better together
The Queen on Christmas Day defending austerity measures
Like a header fay Conor McGregor then a jab
am a massive pack of monkeys attached to your back
I am the angry polis man who would like a little chat
I'm the prick at the back that laughs at Scottish Boom Bap
I'm that bouncer who never lets you in
after stroking his chin with a Martin Shkreli grin
I am your phone in a taxi that is now switched off
i am the marker pen that you can`t get off
i am the train you ran for on a final warning
for that job that you hate on a Monday morning
I am the bars shut! is it? ya bastart!
I'm saying your doing swell to your ex while your plastered
i am the worse cunt , the bad yin
I'm a bad punchline like a coked up Audley Harrison
am a lazy journalist way a proclaimers comparison
wearing a pair of sandals , way a hole , that`s embarrassing
I'm the tax man, I'm the bad man
i'm a mad bam who'll spam your daft plans with a bank scam
then serve you bad scran with a flat can ya fan dan
I am the fear
Track Name: Celebrity Mourning is the New Rock 'n' Roll (Produced by Scatabrainz)
Celebrity mourning is the new rock n roll
raise your depths of despair to the death of a soul
it`s prime time for the last A list to flat line
build a shrine to the past to help you pass time

marketing the average man to super-stardom
all your heroes are dead now or about to die soon
they were beaming human beings through invisible flooms
off the back of payola to the front of your room
bust and boom must consume the vacuum grows bigger
till the kid in the street wants an inaction figure
they made a killing off the gigging, made a million off the touring
but it killed them deep inside as the machine kept roaring
were you party to this circus? well be a part of the mourning
if you`ve not woke up yet let me wish you good mourning
bean counter, arse kisser, drug dealer and a groupie
blame it on the Seventies , blame it on a roofie
don`t blame it on the boogie , better blame it on the bogie man
blame it on the Eighties, better blame it on a roadie man
big bucks propaganda wiznay all big tobacco corp
it could make you rock proper like proper rock
P.R murdered on the dance floor the beat don't stop
the beat goes on in sales when the heart does not
often tops it in the case where tributes were sought
and publicity like that just cannot be bought
or maybe it can now there`s food for thought
pop charts chock a block with pop stars who popped their clogs
(Pop corks)
in the Sixties big business bought into music industries
they minimised the risk and monopolised the fees
they morphed open mic hopefuls to global infamy
propelled average Joes into Television personalities
temptation and strange days made them cane K`s
to numb adrenaline and pain from the pressures of stage
the ideas were popular when pop remained vague
nowadays no-one will ever be that famous again

yeah no-one will ever be that famous again
nobody ever hears your cries in cyberspace
you`ll never get that famous out-with your niche
nobody cares if you live or die out-with your clique
public outpouring of grief? gee us peace your not unique
even David Bowie only got about a week
imagine 2040 when all 15 minute famers
and 1 hit wonders all hit the same ages
they'll wake you up with a roll call of the daily dead
transmitted to an I-chip inserted in your head
2,000 dead celebs on the list from Q to Zed
have a very good mourning then get ejected from your bed
by a burly robot sent from G4S
who will escort you to your voluntary position in Gregg's
who bought over Google in 2034
when Fukushima sea people won world war 4
because monsters love pasties and always need more
or so I'm told fay the folk who fought through folklore
but that`a then this is now ,not all rock stars have passed
so embrace the nostalgia and enjoy while it lasts
i would say we have about another twenty something years
of newscasters reporting twitters crocodile tears
from fully grown adults captured in cults
the R.I.P's whizz past like the football results
scrolling across your smart screen that`s recording your grief
and it`s the last time anyone ever sees peace
coz the mortality of icons steals limelight and priority
if the penny's just dropping then i am truly sorry mate
conveniently colludes with corporate interests
the pantomime of austerity whats good for business
is that the plan? was it the plan all along?
maybe that`s a stretch but I`m stretching out a song
Track Name: Shortcut to Longevity (Produced by Gordy Duncan JR)
`I`m a bit of a big deal did you no get the memo? `
Hell no! your lego demo lacked a message, flow and tempo
actually dead low when it comes to our rep bro
we`re as good as our next show
that`s how respect grow
mic check! get coke! to feed your ego
upstaged onstage while off sorebro
shout inside jokes out that made no sense
it echoes through the P.A you can feel it in-tents
a festival vet probably the first time we met
its a fair bet you said we were wrecked or veggied on ket
that the impression you get?
have you never been cabbaged?
it`s like being called a lightweight by a crystal meth addict
both opinions opposed and so far removed
take a scoop of the truth I`m not the bringer of doom
so before I`m accused I`m asking you , what would you do?
when your stranded in a field and offered mandy and voodoo
and when it`s hometime maybe chew a scooby doo too
coz you still have a barrier at Central to get through

There`s no shortcut to longevity
the media rock mediocrity
no shortcut to longevity
ask Moyes about the Ferguson legacy
no shortcut to longevity
counting pennies in the kitty can`t rekindle ye

and I`ve noticed that the crowd always want you to booze
and it`s the favourite payment method of the gig venue
skint musicians fed bevvy on empty bellies
then jealous observers say their eyes look really heavy
how do you think we get ready?
damn right we look hellish
so we help ourself to Red Stripe from the rider to replenish
demeaning demons loom assume consumption by my previous
determined by vague sources often devious and lecherous
repeat anecdotes that fit the narrative
minds too small for concepts they need the characters
meet, greet once then make call or don`t, then fake all
make comments on a subject when they don`t know feck all
on a week long tour we drove to Leeds in a Vauxhall
until the cops called in coz the gig was illegal
if the sets all good then we`re gonna get wrecked y`all
thin line between Rock`n` Roll and a jakeball
and I know, that double yellow line fine well
headlining King Tuts then wake up in jail cell
don`t believe the hype, the myths, pay the piper
every full time writer is a part time bullshiter

I had a band from Ayrshire that got banned from Ayrshire
that now play anywhere we get asked to play sir
it`s not about the pay - nah just a place to stay man
and petrol for the road home incase we need escape plan
pay the man in the van if there`s an excess profit
or I`ll be in your face if he`s out of pocket
long enough in the tooth to know the whole business truth
if we pack out your venue and bring down the roof
let`s not break balls , let`s merely break even
an` hit the afterparty steaming for a damn fine evening
unless your bars sell T-shirts or you sell bars beer
you should pick a new career coz there`s no money here
you got to do it for the love of it
above all else the covenant
constantly creating all the badshit you will suffer it
delusions of grandeur you`ve endured were falsified
raised by a media that sold you lies

keep your gangsta rap track with your yankee accent
make something from the heart you`re not 50 Cent

never have been, never will be
have a think though yo, what could you be?
the bars are morphing into starbucks
record label cutbacks
people can`t afford nights out- did you know that...?
music`s over-saturated- Everyone`s a star now
took the shallow pop star to lose their looks , and figure, that out
if you can`t afford to buy this feel free to steal the track
coz everytime you play it then you pay me right back
Track Name: Character Building Society (Produced by Mistah Bohze)
we need the characters to act roles way beyond future
a relic from the past presenting you a useful
fact or Two, you need truth when your youthful
when you don't have a clue and you don't yet know whose cool
for a penny to be struck a scene must be set
and you need the character to hit the back of the net
hit the nail on the head, a word to the wise
the boy who cried wolf's tears streamed butterflies
that are winged with a caution signposted not forgotten
and if you live in Scotland light a campfire every autumn
as the years pass the cast expands en-masse
the plot gets thicker and there`s spin off plans
every moment has the prominence to influence an audience
unfortunately a lot of they wrong yins are all onto this
to depict examples and dispense whats advisory
your gonna need the character or don't even try it mate

Not talking idle gossip chitter chatter
more like enchanted banter that actually matters
we need the characters, the rebels and the chancers
the misfits and the outcasts and the ones who give us answers
need a vernacular of angles and fresh perspectives
need a thread to string the sentence to direct you to the entrance
need mythical attachments and a wide range of accents
a wide range of accents? a wide range of accents
broaden the language or expression is doomed
we're doomed to repeat we're doomed to consume
we need to broom the room and obliterate the gloom
with a boom vroom zoom chew a shroom and presume
a risk taker is a shape shifter weaving through folklore
Ten million miles per gigabyte and no that it is not aw
speed is inconsequential on an infinite chessboard
get fucked or get bored, get fresh or get auld

I know what it`s like to suffer
I've been troubled, been in bother
on the bright side , the dark nights, helped me see in colour
stramashes , ramshackles , fisticuffs and a kerfuffle
rammies always imminent someones on the hustle
some sick psycho fuckers suckled so much blood they buckle
millionaires don`t get huckled, muddy waters till it`s muddled
no airtime for honesty, dissenting voice gets muffled
atypical lacklustre their drowning in the puddle
of the algorithmic bubble freshly bench pressed from the gutter
blissfully unaware of the mumble and the mutter
which fluctuates and stutters and distorts all truth thats uttered
it`s all bark and bluster till you uppercut your knuckle
then a cluster of chuckles double dumbs down your struggles
and musters up an outrage that baffles and puggles
ruffles your feathers and coupled with the muscle
leaves your vision impaired like one sock in a puzzle
those supple semantics are subtle like a shovel
it`s a tug of war tussle cut with trustful rebuttals
guzzling oxygen like nay-sayers space shuttles
rockets stubborn like my stubble after afterparty huddles
cuddle away the rattle when i don't feel fuckable
trying to tackle a fritter-roll when I don't look muggable
some cunts need muzzled let us rustle up a raffle
i seen a pretty vegan who summoned up falafel
it`s fried eggs and waffles hear the crackle of a frying pan
remember love is stronger than the battering ram
I've wiped slates clean and dondered in the yonder
knocked pans clean off often in jobs I wiznay fond ay
resurrect a yarn breathe feel the calm
money is a scam success is a sham
to predict is to gamble to smile is to live
i have nothing in my savings I have too much to give

we need memories retained, frozen in time
and any conversation can bring it back to life
karma's really not a theory, it is merely common sense
it`s a slow motion boomerang that knocks you off a fence
comeuppance gets postponed when you have the pounds and pence
but when your sleep with one eye open bed time can get tense
we need mist wafters and dream weavers
bright sparks, shiny people and a pair of banging speakers
fuck the vultures and leachers we need leaders who hear us
we need feelers and healers and non target driven teachers
we're just self destructive fungus if you look at the globe
from the telescope gold diggers get told
there's a distinct lack of purpose discussed with under covers
knowledge is courage but disinformation smothers
red onions are purple but reality gets muffled
more Art than Garfunkel lets play the decks and shuffle
Track Name: We Shine the Torch at the Moon and Remove Our Masks (Produced by Sun Dogs)
we shine our torch
at the moon
mask removed

round here we welcome the era of a new weather
the way Ocean Colour Scene welcome a blether way Weller
I'm a shell of my former self a storm dweller
mumbling in the rain like um... brella
well rumbled by the same, lame miss fortune teller
who cost a fortune and then claimed only spirits could help her
embezzled bedazzled frazzled and dishevelled
made medallions outta molehills that bike could pedal
but when you meddle with my metal you will never settle
coz my ghost will fill your conscious and I wants the medal back
curse that fellow jack magic yellow turns black
turn sunny oil painting into dark artefact
but bitterness in death can spawn a birthday mess
and literally you become the wicked wetch you detest
at a push at a guess weakness is a test
severed hearts 7 daze
play your card, be my guest

we shine our torch at the moon but want no trouble
wondering if we share an algorithmic bubble
no purpose so worthless on the surface with the others
I wonder who recovers there`s not enough buffers
bludgeoned to a pulp by murderous thundercunts
ridiculous sycophants blubbering money shots
I never felt I fit in I was flirting on the margins
bumbling in abundance abandoned in the jargon
moonlight flitting in and out not listening just drifting
deleted my space coz the planet was shifting
ruffled feathers run ragged on egg shells and tinder hooks
scrabbling for scraps over trap doors and dirty looks
shoulda looked at books but got seduced (ram shackles in rum shacks)
where card games turn to darts in the click of a gun pact
traded place with a face and removed the mask
played a spade then an ace then we fade to black
Track Name: Bill Hicks Fan (Produced by David Montgomery)
the authorita the gravitas to autograph passports
at the bar bored with buzzwords barking in bar codes
I saw her aurora explode above her speech bubble
saying live for today tomorrow your in deep trouble
a flag of convenience a ship on the rocks
attack on the horizon a tick on the clocks
a smear on a headline a blur on the thoughts
a poem on a pillow with a twist on the plots
lace the have nots with talk till their tied up in knots
tangle neanderthal thoughts till their eye witness caught
a carrier pigeon gets violently shot
messengers always doo have done since the day dot
a solitary hand lurks from the sulk of the gutter
reaching for moonshine and a drink from the udder
utterly redundant constantly resigned
to make beelines for sidelines the guidelines of mankind
are mad behind the times buzzing honey at the find
the rewind button works just fine if you recline
and relax and relay learn to read the sign
or get ready to blow up when I land mine

If Bill Hicks were alive he would hate Bill Hicks fans
if he hadn`t have died they wouldn`t know he was born
dead celebrities eternally selling youse Pepsi`s
2 Pac hologram has the Number One song

let`s take a look at these headlines it seems we re all fucked
apart from the lucky ones who were plucked at birth
the system only works if you can blag your worth
sleight of hand cuts the cards from above mark my words
of course it could be worse but it could infinitely improve
inherently apparent ingenuity is due
so when they take you aye you you be taken wise
heads held high be recognised
no idea of the scale of the plan for the prize
realise the smogs a smokescreen obscuring starry skies
don`t generalize me or over analyse me
remember the risk but never lose the spark
what`s good for the soul may be bad for the heart
it`s a balancing act but there both worlds apart
there`s no point in saying that you wish you didn`t start
off the richter scale with my medical chart
and the damage will increase until the day I depart
and if they cart me off to hospital or an institution
I'll laugh at the confusion and escape this illusion

I respect all opinions but criticise all of them

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